de on Janeiro 7, 2017 dentro
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Music: Iak, Aguilera / Lyric: Woslom

Production: Woslom
Executive Producer: Woslom & Diogo Alvino
Director: Woslom
Art Direction: Diogo Alvino
Camera: Tiago Veiga, Simeon Sawitzki, Moritz Paulsen, Pia Heibach, Fabio Gusmão, Roland Jud
Edition: Diogo Alvino
Post Production: Diogo Alvino

Images taken at:
Freies Kultur – und Komminkationszentrum auf der Freiheut (FKKZ) – May 16th and 17th
Live at Brooklyn, Moscow – May 5th
Live at Rock The Hell 2016 at Alt St. Johann – May 27th
Live at Maximus Fest – Sep 07th

Special thanks to Diogo Alvino (you’re ‘da man’) and Meltdown Crew (you know who you are).

Website: http://www.woslom.com
WebStore: http://loja.woslom.com.br
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/woslom

Supported By:
Punishment 18 Records (http://www.punishment18records.com)
Shinigami Records (http://www.shinigamirecords.com.br)
Absolute Master (http://www.absolutemaster.com.br)
Santo Rock (http://www.santorock.com)
Metal Media (http://www.metalmedia.com.br)

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